Ach, wie ists müglich (How can I leave thee?)

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Ich kenne mich nicht aus bei ihnen. Ich suche nur noch die Idealfrau, die ihr Leben hat. Das andere hamma schon gehabt. Meine einzige Familie ist meine Mutter Maria, und die ist jetzt 70 Jahre alt.

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Katharina war immerhin acht Jahre im Herzen meine Tochter. Die erste Platte war wie jede erste Platte das Resultat aus 25 Jahren zuvor. Ja net anbiedern! Ich war der erste Anarchist im deutschsprachigen Raum.

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Das passiert dir ja normal nie. Dabei hat es mir eigentlich mehr geschadet. Gunther O miracle of all miracles! Gernot But, tell me at last, does my dear Drolla yet live? Gunther She lives and often weeps for thee! Morald And soon you will see her again, with Arindal you must follow us!

Gernot Oh look, there he is coming near! He looks like a man possessed! Morald So we must hurry away from here, and you, keep our presence a secret from him! He leaves with Gernot and Gunther For know: Groma taught us the way from here. Arindal arrives Arindal Wo find ich dich, wo wird mir Trost?

Und keine Antwort nennet " Arindal "! Dein auge leuchtet mir nicht mehr! Kein Kuss stillt meiner Lippen Durst! Weh mir! War alles denn ein Traum? Wo bist du, ach, wo bist du, wo weilst du fern von mir? Wohin send ich den Blick, der dich erreichen soll? Bei dir ist meine Sonne, bei dir allein ist Leben, doch fern von dir ist Tod und grausenvolle Nacht. Wo bist du, ach, wo weilst du, wo weilst du fern von mir?

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O ende meine Qual, und nimm mich auf zu dir! Gernot kommt und betrachtet Arindal Gernot Da steht Ihr nun, so recht bejammernswert! Was wird wohl all das Klagen euch noch helfen? Verlasst den Ort, und folgt zur Heimat mir! Arindal Ich sollte meine Gattin lassen?

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Arindal Where can I find you, where is my comfort? You have fled, and all my happiness with you. In every region, in every place I have directed my searching eye, in every valley, in every height my ardent longing sigh has penetrated! Woe is me, all my efforts are in vain!

A Cappella: How Can I Leave Thee

The wilderness rings with your name, the echo mocks my pain, just "Ada! Ada" it exclaims! And comes no answer "Arindal!

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No kiss quenches my thirsty lips! Your arm embraces me no more, only deathly chill I breathe! Was it all then a dream? Where are you, oh, where are you, where do you tarry far from me? Where do I direct my gaze, so that it reaches you? With you is my sun, with you alone is there life, but away from you is death and gruesome dreadful night. Let me find life, free me from the fear of death! Where are you, oh where do you tarry, where do you tarry far from me?

Oh end my pain, and take me with you! Gernot comes and sees Arindal Gernot Now you stand here, quite pitiful! What good are all the complaints you have? Leave this place, and follow me home! Arindal Should I leave my wife? Gernot Ihr Eure Gattin? Liess sie Euch nicht sitzen? Arindal Sei still! Gernot Ja, wie Ihr sie nachher gesehn, das war nur Lug und Trug!

Arindal Du reizest meinen Zorn! Gernot Is she your wife? Did she not let you down? She stayed with you as long as she enjoyed you, now, when she tires of you, she runs away! Arindal What silly talk! Gernot In a word, she whom you call your wife is a witch, an old evil sorceress! Arindal Be silent! Gernot Therefore you leave your kingdom and country, because you are in love with a doe?

Arindal You slanderer! Gernot Yes, as you can see now, that was just lies and deceit! Arindal O such mockery of this beauty! Gernot Oh what beauty! Next time I see you you'll have stately antlers! Arindal You provoke my wrath! Arindal Halt ein, du frecher Bursch! Zu meiner Qual kann deiner Scherze Rohheit nimmer passen! Arindal Was soll dies hier? Einst traf er sie in fremdem Arm in arger Liebesglut; da zog er seinen Degen schnell und hieb nach ihr voll Wut! Gernot I can go hunting for stag no longer, for who would stand for it if I slew the king?

Arindal Stop, you rogue!

Ach, wie ists müglich (How can I leave thee?)

The rudeness of your jokes can never relieve my torment! Gernot Have you heard of Dilnovaz? Arindal What does she have to do with it? Gernot Listen, I want to tell the story! Arindal falls exhausted on a boulder Romance Once there was a well known wicked witch called Lady Dilnovaz, who was as ugly and as old, as anyone has ever known! But she wore a ring on her finger, which made her young and beautiful, more beautiful than anyone has ever seen.

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A king she so completely beguiled, that he made her the queen, he took her for a wife! He was so blind in his foolishness, that he neither heard nor saw, and that he never perceived, what was happening around him.

Once he found her in another's arm, in a wicked passion; he drew his sword quickly and slashed at her with rage! But he struck only her little finger, on which she wore the ring; then he soon saw in his beloved an old and ugly thing. Gunther enters in the form of an old, venerable priest, his song accompanied by solemn gait and voice. Gunther Arindal! Sag an, wer bist du, was begehrst du? Gernot O welcher Schelmenstreich! Wer mag den Schalk erkennen?