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Wastewater and Sewage Submersible pumps for drainage, storm water, effluent and sewage pumping from sumps and tanks. With more than years of innovative engineering , Wallace Pumps is the premier provider of industrial and residential pumps, parts, service, and pump control solutions. We have been in business since , so when you purchase a product from our large range, you can rest assured we will be standing behind it now - and in the future - with spare parts, technical backup and full service support.

Wallace Pumps has a solution for the majority of domestic, commercial and industrial applications with cost effective pumping equipment to meet with your requirements.

Talk to us to locate your nearest distributor - or any one of our trained Sales Staff or Field Reps at any of our branches Nationwide - for advice and solutions for any installation or application. This is an example of a HTML caption with a link. Bores and spear-points are two mechanisms used for extracting groundwater. Total Eden specialises in the design and installation of both bore and spear-point systems, using professional data supplied by relevant State authorities to determine which system is most suited to your specific circumstances. We can undertake all facets of the job, including drilling and casing components, as well as the installation of pumping and associated fittings.

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No job is too small, or too big for our skilled and experienced staff, and we also have the capacity to install systems Australia wide. Rainwater harvesting involves collecting and storing rainwater from the roof and using it around the home and garden as you would with mains water. By reducing your dependence on mains water you are helping the environment and lessening the implications of future water restrictions on your home and garden as well as saving yourself money on water bills.

The most effective way for you to harvest rainwater is to install a rainwater tank which is set up in conjunction with your guttering and downpipes. We are the experts when it comes to designing a system that best suits your needs.

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  4. We supply all major brands of metal, plastic and underground water tanks, we also have all associated products that easily connect your system to the toilet, laundry, pool, garden or any other suitable application. Is your irrigation system wasting precious water, energy or labour resources?

    Through our detailed reporting system we can recommend and implement changes to make sure that you maximise the benefits of your system investment; and that your gardens are being maintained as effectively as possible. The installation of an efficient irrigation system is the most effective way in which to maintain the aesthetics of your lawn and gardens, especially in times of drought and water restrictions.

    The 13 Best Water Filters in 12222 – Buying Guide and Reviews

    A well designed irrigation system provides good water efficiency and a reliable supply of water, whilst minimising labour and maintenance costs. Designs which incorporate the use of grey and recycled water are other components of a well designed system. Total Eden understands the importance of correctly designed and installed water systems, ensuring that your lawn and valuable plants, trees and shrubs are maintained and continue to thrive.

    Our skilled and experienced designers can develop a system which best suits your circumstances and budget — from the smallest suburban garden to a large rural block — we do it all. We stock all the leading brands of sprinkler, pump and monitoring equipment and specialise in the use of advanced computer based water management systems, which assist you to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your system. Total Eden stock a range of quality garden hoses, hose fittings, retractable hose reels, gardening tools and a host of other accessories to assist you grow and maintain healthy plants and stock most things you need to efficiently run your garden on an ongoing basis for your pleasure all year round.

    Pumplant - Pump Sales, Installations & Repairs and Water Filtration Systems

    We can also advise on the best way to plan and install an irrigation system and sell synthetic grass with tips on how lay it correctly. We stock the Greenland retractable Hose Reel, Weedpack Garden Sprayers, a quality range of gardening tools, hoses to suit the size of your garden and all the correct fittings to connect to the water supply.

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    Total Eden also provides good advice on exactly what hoses deliver the water volumes required and the right fittings to do the job correctly. A well designed water garden can provide the ideal flow of indoors to outdoors. From stylish to modern, a water garden can really complete your home and provide a good investment in your property. From the tranquil sounds of water to a spectacular light feature in your garden, Total Eden can provide you with a range of options to create a water feature to suit you.

    Total Eden can supply all products to create the ideal outdoor water feature. We supply ponds pump, filters, liners, water blades, pond lights and chemicals to help you maintain your pond all year round.

    Pressure Tanks

    Water features can be installed in small courtyards, large backyards or even on a balcony. They are ideal for homes, apartments or business premises.